The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world. Soza Health has worked hard to adapt its processes and procedures to ensure the greatest level of safety for our customers and staff.


  • We have conducted a full risk assessment of our operations with respect to COVID-19.
  • We have adjusted our assessment procedures to ensure safety for our technicians and our customers. We thank Loughborough University for their guidance on this matter.
  • Our UK sites are registered venues for the NHS track and trace app.
  • Our UK office and clinic have a range of COVID-19 related safety measures to ensure risk mitigation.

Changes to our wellness assessment product

  • Underlying health conditions are a key factor for survivability of COVID-19.
  • We have introduced a new section in our wellness scoring report that focuses on underlying health conditions. We present scores for :
    • Immune system
    • Respiratory system
    • Blood Oxygenation levels
    • Inflammation levels
  • Our wellness report also lists new general COVID-19 related advice.
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