Elite Sport

The Last 1%

Elite sport is defined by small margins. 

“Who remembers the name of the Italian I beat by 3cm to Olympic Gold medal?”

Sir Steve Redgrave

Diet and nutrition are important for achieving maximum performance. The challenge for coaches and nutritionalists is that no two people respond to the same dietary inputs or training program in the same way.

Soza provides the missing piece. In addition to a general health assessment, we can tell the athlete where they are low in mineral or vitamin absorbtion. We can tell them if their body is suffering stress from over training, which will impact their performance. We can tell them if their protein intake is optimised; a delicate nutritional balance is required for each of the body systems to function optimally. 

Joe Mullan.

Soza Health has worked with Joe Mullan, member of the British Sailing team and 2018 UK Youth National Sailing Champion. Our work with Joe helped him to optimise his physical training while maintaining his overall health. Our Elite Sports product detects over training and sub optimal diets, and made tailored recommendations to improve Joe’s physical performance.

London Scottish.

Soza Health provided a health assessment for  the London Scottish rugby team. We spent one hour with each player on site at their training ground. ​

We provided personalised health reports to the players. This showed where the training and nutrition and dietary intakes were working, and where personalised recommendations for small changes would improve health and performance.

For the team we provided analytics showing where the team could focus their training efforts. We worked with the nutritionalists to optimise and tailor each player’s nutritional intake based on their Soza Health report.

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