Power BI Installation Guide


This page explains how to install the Power BI content pack ‘Soza Health Anaytics by 2sms’ and take advantage of the analytics and insights that the dashboard and supporting reports provide.


To use the Soza Health analytics content pack, you will need to be:

  • Either a Soza Health business partner OR a Soza Health corporate customer
  • You will need a user account on the Soza Health portal with sufficient access rights.
  • You will need to hold a Power BI Pro license, or have a license allocated to you by Soza Health.
  • You will need to download the content pack from Microsoft AppSource.


EULA for the Soza Health Custom Visual

Getting Started

1. Logon to www.powerbi.com with your Power BI pro credentials, provided by Microsoft.

2. Select ‘Get Data’ as shown below. You will find get data at the bottom left of the Power BI window.

Power BI Get Data.png

3. Select the ‘Get’ button in the Services tab.

Power BI Services.png

4. Search for Soza

Power BI Search.png

5. Once you’ve found it, click on ‘Get it now’.

Soza Power BI App.png

6. please wait while the app loads.

Power BI Please wait.png

7. Choose ‘Basic authentication’.

8. Enter your Soza Health supplied username and password. This must be a partner or corporate level account.

9. Please sign in.

Soza Power BI Authentication screen.png

10. Your Soza Health Analytics dashboard will appear.

Power BI Report Screenshot.PNG

11. And you can also access the underlying Power BI reports.

Power BI workspace.png

Ongoing Support

For support for Soza Health Analytics by 2sms content pack – contact support.

Using the Analytics Tool

To learn what our analytics content pack contains please watch the explanatory video.

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