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Human Capital & Corporate Wellness

The productivity of your human capital in your organisation is for a large part determined by how healthy they are, and how capable they are at operating in stressful situations. Illness in your workforce leads to absence, lost productivity and disruption of operations. Loss of an employee to ill health is expensive. Soza Health can help with corporate wellness.

Soza offers a program for Corporates that allows the following benefits:

  • Offer health screening to your employees on a confidential basis, delivering your duty of care responsibilities.
  • Gain insights into your organisation through our analytics to explain where the health issues are in your business.
  • Receive personalised actions plans for your staff, and company wide recommendations to promote health and wellness.
  • Improve employee health to drive down absenteeism and presenteeism. (Where staff are in work but not working to their full capacity due to suboptimal health.).


Many Thanks to @SozaHealth for the very thorough & revealing #Health Screens for our employees. We will be heeding your #healthy #lifestyle advice!
Our people are healthy, but they have things to work on. We now have water fountains, a midweek cycle ride, and green tea, all thanks to Soza. We look forward to improved health scores in 6 months time.

Corporate Wellness Analytics

As a Corporate Wellness customer, we will provide you with analytics, using anonymised data, to show you the state of health of your people. This will help you identify problem areas. It also allows you to see how health varies according to pre-set parameters, identifying opportunities for the company to take action to bring balance to the organisation.

Image of Soza corporate analytics dashboard showing wellness insights

Corporate Wellness Cost

Our starter pack is for 7 employees and costs £1,900 + VAT. Add successive employees for £175 per employee. We will come to your premises to perform the assessments, saving your people time.

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Watch our Corporate offering video.

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