Benesco (Charity no. 2691810) provided grants to fund the research that pre-dated the formation of Soza Health as a commercial entity. Benesco has been the principle investor in Soza Health, and currently holds 49% preference shares in the company.


Investcope Business Services (UK) Ltd. (Reg : 07107348) is a start-up incubator and investor. Investcope has provided short term financing to Soza, along side Management Consultancy and Operational support services. It has provided a Non Exec Director (Tim King) to the business. Investcope has also subscribed to Ordinary shares in the company.

Logo of Investcope Busines Services Ltd, provider of support services to startups and Soza investor.

EIS Advance Assurance

Soza Health was advised in January 2021 that is had EIS Advance Assurance.

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