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Soza Health has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with changes to it’s procedures and
the introduction of a COVID-19 section in it’s personal wellness and corporate analytics products.

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Expected early March 2021

Corporate Health Assessments

In response to COVID-19, Soza has developed a set of services to help customers understand their health and wellness score. We offer tailored and personalised help and guidance to allow you, from wherever you are starting, to improve and maintain your health. We offer a set of digital services to complement our health assessment service. Soza is dedicated to bring you the best corporate wellness through its health assessments for your team.

Corporate Analytics

Soza Health offers its Corporate clients, along with its Distribution parters, access to a dashboard and set of analytics. This service is hosted by Microsoft Power BI, and can be deployed to the desktop or mobile app. These tools can be used to improve your corporate wellness among your team contributing to more productivity.

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Soza International

At Soza Health, we are delighted to be working with partners all across the globe. Not only do we have a number of partners we are working with in the UK, we are also proudly working with partners in South Africa, Bahrain and Turkey.

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What people say

“Attitudes to health have changed in the office; people value this.”

Sophie Quéré, UK MD of Dometic
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