Corporate Analytics


Soza Health offers its Corporate clients, along with its Distribution parters, access to a dashboard and set of analytics. This service is hosted by Microsoft Power BI, and can be deployed to the desktop or mobile app.

The Soza analytics module provides insights to the anonymised information collected from customers who have been assessed by Soza. The data presented is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.​

Corporate customers can review the health of their people in their organisation, learn where health issues might exist, identify differences that may exist based on age, gender or ethnicity. This allows organisations to address these issues with supportive actions within their organisation, for example be providing a hydration program or access to gyms.

Distribution partners can analyse how their health assessment business in partnership with Soza Health is developing, from volume of assessments to insights into customer concentrations, health issues or health successes.  

Please note that to access the Soza Health Power BI content pack, you will need to add a Power BI Pro subscription to your Office365 account. Microsoft offer a free 60 day trial. (Some Office365 subscriptions for Enterprises include the Power BI Pro license.)

Power BI Content Pack Help Page

Download the content pack from Microsoft AppSource

Click here for Power BI download instructions.

This video will explain to you how to navigate your Power BI dashboard, reports and where to get help.

Ongoing Support

For support for Soza Health Analytics by 2sms content pack – contact support.

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