Soza Health: Our history. Our vision.

Soza Health’s Vision is:

“To inspire everyone to enhance their health and performance.” 

Soza Health’s Mission is:

  • To educate people on the key drivers that influence their health and performance and motivate them to take action now to improve. 
  • To seek to resonate with customer’s values encouraging them to spread the word and return for repeat business.
  • To seek to offer our service locally and with convenience. 
  • To seek like-minded influencers to promote our vision.

We aim to improve the general health of the population, empowering people to take responsibility for their wellbeing. This is achieved by alerting them early to risks and trends in their health such that making small changes to lifestyle, diet and nutrition, which can stave off future ill health and reduce the need for expensive medical interventions.

Our Values:

  • We are passionate about your health and performance. We work collaboratively as a team to make it easy for you to measure your health and performance. We use plain language and are open and transparent with you. 
  • We encourage innovation to drive progress. We value our founder’s vision and use it to inspire our thinking and drive us forward. 
  • In our work we are professional and fair. We reward merit and celebrate diversity. 

History of Soza Health

The Company was formed from the vision of Lord David Wolfson. The Wolfson family has a history of charitable giving to healthcare related projects. David has long held the view that state and publicly funded healthcare services will become unsustainable unless there is a fundamental shift in culture from symptom driven healthcare, to preventative healthcare.

For over a decade from 2003, David Wolfson’s charities, The Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust and Benesco Charity, commissioned a project to develop existing research that focused on the root causes of ill health as opposed to the symptoms of ill health.

“Prevention is the key to better future health.”

Lord Wolfson

​The research started from the premise that the body is a series of interconnecting systems, where damage to one area of the body has a knock-on effect to another part of the body. The research team developed and tested a series of public domain algorithms derived from available, peer-reviewed, medical literature, which were designed to ascertain where and how ill health was most likely to occur in a patient. Data from medical trials that took place in the UK and abroad was then analysed by a prototype, spreadsheet-based process. The spreadsheet compared all the results and produced a health risk profile for each patient. Patients who took part in the first trials returned 2 years later to be re-tested and the system was found to be 96% accurate in determining the onset of disease.

​Following the completion of the research project, Soza Health Ltd was formed in early 2014 to commercialise the applied research into a product that could be licensed and made available to all four corners of the globe.

​As Chairman of the Company, David Wolfson set the management team the goal of turning this prototype system into a powerful health assessment. He insisted that the product had to be mobile (so that it could be effectively taken to the patient). It also had to produce an instant report for the patient. And most important of all, it had to be relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of other health screening products available in the market place.

​The resulting product uses a set of “point of care” medical devices, that fit into a small carry-on bag, to collect patient data from nine, easy to administer, non-invasive tests, during a consultation that lasts lan hour. The data is immediately entered into a Cloud-hosted database, and computations run. Within 5 minutes the patient is reading their personalised report and can leave the consultation with a bespoke plan to reduce their health risks. There is no wait for laboratory results.

​This is where the Soza Health journey really begins. Soza health is about guiding you on a path that keeps you healthy and ensures that you attain higher degrees of wellbeing and vitality. The report focuses on where and how the risk for ill health is manifesting itself, and what you can do, based on a series of tailored and personalised interventions, to ensure that you can stay well without having to resort to frequent visits to your doctor. Most of the suggestions contained within the report are diet, nutrition and lifestyle based. Making a few simple changes to your lifestyle is what being on the Soza Health pathway to health is all about.

Discover Health

Soza Health’s mission is to help patients “discover health”. It is a partnership and shared journey over time.
The word Soza is Greek for ‘the path’, and it is a ‘path’ we offer our patients to health.

We look forward to inviting patients to experience their health journey with Soza.

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