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What we do

We all know what to do if we fall ill. We go to our Doctor. Our Doctor will diagnose our problem and put us on a pathway to resolve things. We may be referred to a specialist. The end result is usually a choice of surgery and/or pharmaceuticals. We are served by dedicated professionals who apply years of experience and knowledge to guide us to recovery.

What happens if you are not ill?

Most people simply live their busy lives. They may well do exercise, and may well try and eat healthily. But if you live your busy life in the modern western world, are you aware of the biggest contributors to disease? In a super connected world, is constant use of digital devices good or bad for your health? What are the hidden dangers of convenience foods? Health advice seems to change daily.

The challenge before us all is to learn what makes us ill, and then decide if we want to make diet and lifestyle changes to steer a health path to wellness and happiness. All of this, while leading our busy lives, often bombarded with conflicting information.

The Challenge

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How do I learn about my health?
How do I discover where my health is?
How do I act and improve my health?

The Soza Health Solution

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We help you learn about your health.
We help you discover your health.
We help you act to improve your health and wellness.

Each step takes one hour to implement; yet the results could be life changing.

We have divided our service into three sections:

Learn, Discover & Act.

Learn what makes you healthy, and what makes you ill

Discover how healthy you are, with a one hour assessment.

Take our tailored recommendations and Act on them to improve your health.


Minutes of tests with instant results


Page report with action plan, guidance and support


Minutes to calculate your health using established medical science


Page Executive Summary with tailored plan written in English

Learn about your Health

Your body is a highly interconnected system of living organs, each of which serves the whole while relying on the others. Your brain is a computer, your heart a pump, your lungs an air filter and your nervous system a communications network.

All are made up of cells, which need water, oxygen, glucose and minerals to survive. These four life necessities are delivered to your cells by the blood that flows around your body, flowing down a series of tubes. The blood collects waste products and dead cells that have broken down, and delivers them to the organs responsible for generating waste.

Your body is a very old design. We think of cars being old at 10 years and houses at 100. Your body was designed millions of years ago. The design brief for your body was to equip you as a hunter gatherer, who would go for periods between meals. We are omnivores designed to eat meat or plants, a function of needing to be adaptable to the foods available.

Your body is designed to operate in two modes; on, and off. These maximise the performance of extrinsic activities (moving, self-preservation, getting food, etc). in the ‘on’ mode, and intrinsic activities (digestion, sleep, repair, etc.) in the ‘off’ mode.

Discover where your body is

You body is not very good at letting you know that you are getting ill. It only tends to let you know when you are ill when you feel pain, or you go to the Doctor. Chances are, you are already ill.

You didn’t get ill overnight. Your illness would have developed over time. In the early stages, you would have felt nothing wrong. You were slowly moving towards illness, but were likely not aware.

Often general aches and pains, indigestion, feelings of lethargy or declines in metal capacity and performance are attributed to the natural ageing process. These are common signs of early dysfunction in the body’s systems that can in many instances be reversed and re-optimised. The earlier these traits are identified, the easier they are to address.

Testing for good health

It is perhaps ironic that the same medical tests used by Doctors to diagnose your illness, if applied and interpreted differently, can be used on people who are not ill to determine whether they have started to get ill.

Using similar tests to check your health periodically when you are generally not feeling ill, may pick up early stages of dysfunction in the body that can lead to reduced performance and vitality, and if these are not addressed, future disease.

Benefits of assessing early

If a trend towards ill health is picked up before illness sets in, there is an opportunity to act. Acting early can often reverse the trend towards illness, and restore good health and wellness. It will mostly likely be easier to act on, and cost less than medical interventions when you finally get ill.

Just as important, early identification can allow us to address the root cause of a trend towards illness. Treating illness after the fact is often an exercise in managing symptoms, not treating the root cause. 

Body Symptoms

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that your body systems are interconnected and rely on each other. Your heart (a pump), your brain (a computer) and your lungs (an air filter) are three such systems that rely on each other. If one isn’t functioning optimally, it will have a negative effect on the other systems.

This is the principle we use when assessing your health. We are less interested in individual readings like your blood pressure in isolation, more interested in how it relates to other readings from other body systems. This is where the science comes in.

The Science

What we learnt from the science is that there are hundreds of medical journal articles that explain physiologically how test readings from the body systems interconnect. Put enough of these together, and it is possible to build a picture of what is going on inside your body from a relatively small number of medical readings. That is what we do. That is our ‘secret sauce’. (Read more on our history.)

Our Process

Our process is to help you discover what is going on inside your body. We hope you are well. You are unlikely to be working to your optimum in all aspects of your health. We are both an early warning system for your general health, and also a mechanism for you to learn how you can improve your health.

Our process is as follows:

  • We invite you in for a 1 hour appointment. This is the start of your health journey.
  • In that hour, we spend 40 minutes running nine tests which provide us with instant results. No laboratory work is required.
  • We enter your data into our secure cloud based system, and run a number of calculations. This takes 5 minutes.
  • report is produced for you. It is ready for you to read and access there and then.
  • Our clinician will then spend 15 minutes taking you through the report.
  • The report will make tailored recommendations and provide general guidance. It provides an action plan on which you can start immediately.

It’s about you – discover your health

Act: Your Plan

Soza offers you a range of tools to help you build your action plan. These include:

Soza Recourses

  • Tailored recommendations in your Soza Health report.
  • General guidance in your Soza Health report.
  • A collection of mainstream press articles referenced on our Facebook page.
  • Topical articles written by our in-house team of doctors and scientists.
  • Twitter updates.

Third party recourses

We have scoured both the internet and medical literature, and pulled together resources for you.


We recommend the following steps to take once you have received your health assessment report. This will maximise the change of improved health scores when you return to us for a follow up assessment.

  • Follow our tailored recommendations.
  • Follow our general guidance.
  • Pay particular attention to ‘rest and relax’ recommendations.
  • Work with a partner or friend to make changes together. It is so much easier.
  • Do small good things and repeat. It is habit forming.
  • Don’t put it off. You only live in one body.
  • Keep in touch with us on our social media channels. We want to hear from you, and we will keep you updated.


Still not completely sure of what to expect? Watch our videos.

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