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Knowing how healthy you are is the key to discovering your health. This section explains how we present your personalised report and how you can use it to take action.

Overall Health Score

Your report begins with an overall health score % to describe your overall health. 0% is perfect health, up to 40% is in normal range.…
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Executive Summary

Your Report Our report is designed to be drill down. By this we mean we start with a single health score to give you an…
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Health Scores

We then drill down a level, and break down your single health score into 9 risk scores. As you scroll down the report, we will…
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Improve your Health: Part 1

Heart Digestive and Oral Health Nutritional Kidney, Bladder, Liver and Detoxification Efficiency Hydration Stress Diabetic Risk Inflammation and the Immune System Lung Function and Blood…
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Improve your Health: Part 2

The next section drills into the detail. It lists a number of health categories and explains them (black text). If your results have triggered an…
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Test Results

While our assessment of your whole body health focusses on the interconnectivity of your body systems, we nevertheless list all the main health readings that…
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General Guidance

The final section of your report offers general guidance. This is the only section of the report that is not personalised for you, but is…
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