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Your employer has provided you with a Corporate wellness scoring assessment. What is it? What happens? Is my data private? 

This section explains the process and answers your questions.

First questions

Q: What is it?

A : Our wellness scoring is a one hour session where we take some medical readings from you, and generate a report for you that explains your health. It provides you with a tailored action plan to help you improve and maintain your health​.

Q: Is it compulsory?

A: No. It is not.

Q: How long does it take?

A: One hour.

Q: Where does it take place?

A: Your employer will provide a private meeting room, usually on site​

Q: Does my employee see my health data?

A: No. Your personal health data is private and not shared with anyone. We do however provide your employer with anonymised aggregate to answer the question ‘How healthy are my staff overall?’ This does not identify you or your data. Visit our analytics page to see what insights we generate for your employer.

Assessment Process

Next Steps

1. We need to get you booked in to an appointment. To do this, we need to send you an email and collect some personal information. We ask for:

– Name

– Gender

– Date of birth

– Home addresss

– Personal mobile phone

– Personal email address

Privacy is important to you, and to us. Please read our GDPR statement and our Privacy Policy.

2. We need to send sample bottles to you. We will either post these using Amazon to your home address or ask your employer to hand them out.

3. We will confirm your appointment and ask you to access our online portal and set up a password.

4 .You will receive SMS messages and emails explaining the process. Meanwhile, please browse our website, watch our videos or visit our social media pages.


When you first access our online portal, you will need to set up a password. Click ‘Password’ to continue with this.

Day Of Assessment

On the day of your assessment, there are some things you need to be aware of.

1. You will need to have completed some pre-assessment questions by visiting our online portal. For help with passwords, please read this document.

2. On the morning of your assessment, as soon as you wake up, you will need to produce some samples of urine and saliva. Instructions for this are provided with the sample bottles we either posted to you or your employer gave to you. Please note that your saliva sample needs to occur before you brush your teeth.

3. You will need to fast for 4 hours before your assessment. This means no food or drink, other than water, to be consumed 4 hours before we assess you.

4. Please wear loose fit clothing. Ladies may we suggest wearing separates rather than a dress or single-piece garment.

If you have not received your sample bottles, or have not received details of your appointment, please contact your HR department or contact Soza Health Operations.

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