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Your Report

Your report is designed to be drill down. By this we mean we start with a single health score to give you an overall guide to where your health is. We then provide an Executive Summary which gives you the most important information collected from all areas of your report. We list things in descending order of importance, so the most important is read first by you.

Customers tell us that they continuously come back to their report, reading the summary on first pass, and then drilling into detail when they have more time. We have therefore built the report to allow you to drill down into the detail.

Your report is available online, so you can visit it any time.

Notice the Amazon button at the foot of the page. You can ‘click through’ to order the products we recommend and enjoy the convenience of easy buying of recommended products.

Soza report - Exec Summary 1
Soza report - Exec Summary 2

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