Your Report

Executive Summary

Your Report Our report is designed to be drill down. By this we mean we start with a single health score to give you an overall guide to where your health is. We then provide an Executive Summary which gives you the most important information collected from all areas of your report. We list things …

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Health Scores

We then drill down a level, and break down your single health score into 9 risk scores. As you scroll down the report, we will drill into more detail. The Nine Risk Category Scores Explained The nine individual health risk scores present a clear picture of the areas that are in a good state of …

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Improve your Health: Part 1

Heart Digestive and Oral Health Nutritional Kidney, Bladder, Liver and Detoxification Efficiency Hydration Stress Diabetic Risk Inflammation and the Immune System Lung Function and Blood Oxygenation

Test Results

While our assessment of your whole body health focusses on the interconnectivity of your body systems, we nevertheless list all the main health readings that we took, explaining to you what a normal range is, where you are sitting in that range, and the consequences on whole body health of being out of range. On …

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General Guidance

The final section of your report offers general guidance. This is the only section of the report that is not personalised for you, but is relevant to all people. It explains the influence that lifestyle and nutrition have on your health and provides guidelines and advice to improve your health and stay healthy in the long …

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