You have learnt about health.

You have discovered where your body is on the health scale.

Now is the time, if you choose, to act.

Your Plan

Soza offers you a range of tools to help you build your action plan. These include:

Soza Recourses

Third party recourses

We have scoured both the internet and medical literature, and pulled together resources for you.


We recommend the following steps to take once you have received your health assessment report. This will maximise the change of improved health scores when you return to us for a follow up assessment.

  • Follow our tailored recommendations.
  • Follow our general guidance.
  • Pay particular attention to ‘rest and relax’ recommendations.
  • Work with a partner or friend to make changes together. It is so much easier.
  • Do small good things and repeat. It is habit forming.
  • Don’t put it off. You only live in one body.
  • Keep in touch with us on our social media channels. We want to hear from you, and we will keep you updated.


Still not completely sure of what to expect? Watch our video.

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