Wellness Scoring

Our wellness scoring service allows individuals and corporate employees to discover how healthy they are. Our one hour assessment will determine levels of physical and mental stress, determine how the body is functioning and will offer a personalised report with tailored diet and wellness steps to improve and maintain your health, whatever level you find yourself today.

Corporate Analytics

Corporate customers gain an additional service. We take the anonymised data readings and results of your employees, and generate an analytics dashboard which will explain the health profile of your people, identifying areas of risk in your business and providing you with insights.

Wellness guide is a curated Health press and blog service. has collected and tagged 5,500 health articles. You can search a specific health topic and receive listings of related health articles authored by leading health journalists. Soza customers will see health article listings appear in their personalised health report.


Nudges allow you to setup and receive reminders to take actions that will contribute to your on-going wellness. Nudges offers ‘content packs’ which address specific health issues. You can select the health topic you want to be ‘nudged’ on, the frequency of message and the communication channel. Nudges will be launched to existing Soza customers in 4Q 2020 and to the general public in 1Q 2021.

Femea is a resource for women who are experiencing menopause. While Femea is a separate company, it uses the Soza HealthTech platform for many of its services.

Soza Mobile App

Scheduled for release in December 2020, the Soza Health mobile app for Apple App Store and Google Play store, will provide benefits for existing Soza customers and new users.

Free content will include limited access to the MyWellness Guide content, and links to health and wellness resources. Links to the Soza blog and other social media

Premium content, accessible by Soza customers, will include full access to MyWellness guide content, access to their wellness assessment reports, as well as all the free content listed above.

For corporate clients, the mobile app will support Single Sign On.

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