Frequently Asked Questions

We often hear the same questions being asked, and here are our answers. If your question is not answered, please contact us.

Do you screen for Cancer?

We do not. Screening for cancer requires expensive tests that require samples sent off for laboratory work. It is not part of our current offering.
We are researching point of care cancer tests, where results can be immediately provided. These are likely to be risk markers rather than definitive tests.

Do you assess children under the age of 18?

The medical literature surrounding assessing children is complex. Since children develop physically at different rates, many of the algorithms we use don’t work accurately for under 18’s. For this reason, we do not assess children.

Are any of the tests invasive?

One test requires a finger prick to gain a small sample of blood. All other tests are not invasive.
Some tests require the placing of equipment on your ankle, upper arm and chest. (Under the bra line for ladies) For this reason we ask customers to wear loose fitting clothing. For ladies we ask that do do not wear a dress or tights. Trousers or skirts are fine. A loose fitting top is also advised. Modesty is maintained at all times.

I’d prefer my clinician to be the same gender as me for the assessment

This is not a problem. Our pre-assessment questionaire asks for your preference. If you do not indicate a preference until your appointment, it is possible that we will have to re-book you. Please let us know in advance!

How are you different to other Health Screening services in the marketplace?

Most health screenings take measurements and report them back to you, indicating if you are inside or outside normal range.

Many provide reports manually written by a medical expert. The problem is no two experts will necessarily come to exactly the same conclusion, and they are unlikely to use the same language to explain the outcomes to you.

We are less interested in your readings, than in what they mean when combined together and cross referenced. This is our differentiation. We apply the science to work out what is going on inside your body. We are not looking to find disease. We are working out how your body is performing.

Other services will tell you that you have high blood pressure for example. We will tell you why you have it, what is causing it and how to fix it through diet and lifestyle changes. Pharmaceuticals are great for managing your high blood pressure, but they won’t cure the root cause, and will likely have side effects. Our tailored solutions can help to get to the cause of the problem and solve it.

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